Red Oak – Deep Tone Sealer – Arvada, CO

Wood Species:
Red Oak
Waterborne Polyurethane


  1. Nancy 2 years ago

    How is natural different from invisible?

    • James Alexander 2 years ago

      Hi Nancy,

      Natural usually refers to stain, and Invisible is a water-based coating.

  2. Daniel Knick 2 years ago

    Is this Bona Natural sealer?

    • James Alexander 2 years ago

      This was IntenseSeal.

      • Jenny 2 years ago

        I’m trying to decide between intense and classic on my red oak floors. I’m trying to cut the pink tones a bit because trim and windows and doors is orange red oak stain. This almost seems to cut the pink better than classic without being too yellow orange and overall floors still look light. Is that your experience on this floor? Thanks!

        • James Alexander 2 years ago

          Generally, classic sealer subdues colors more and should work better for having less pink. I’d recommend making a couple of samples to compare. Each floor is different, for example northern oak will have less pink than southern.