Red Oak – Country White Stain – Arvada, CO

Wood Species:
Red Oak
Waterborne Polyurethane
Country White


  1. Alisha Kelly 7 years ago

    Please provide information on products use to achieve this color and finish. I am restoring an old home and thank you in advance for the information, so that I may replicate this in my home.

    • James Alexander 7 years ago

      Hi Alisha! Floors were waterpopped first to open the grain and allow stain to penetrate deeper. And then Duraseal Country White stain was applied, followed by Bona Traffic top coats.

  2. Ali 7 years ago

    Was the end result a pinkish tone or white wash? Want to go light stain on red oak but don’t want to it end up pink! Thanks!

    • James Alexander 7 years ago

      Hi Ali!

      It turned out very white, but there will be some red/pink undertone if wood is red oak. It’s always good to do a color sample on the floor after it was sanded, to be certain that you like the color.

      If you want to get rid of the red/pink hues completely the only way would be to bleach the floor first.


  3. Ruth 5 years ago

    The forth picture on the bottom, what color wood and stain did you use? Did you put a glaze on after or leave matt?

    • James Alexander 5 years ago

      Hi Ruth,

      Floors were finished with a country white stain and coated with a satin waterbased finish.