Bona AmberSeal on Red Oak Floors

Wood Species:
Red Oak
Waterborne Polyurethane
Bona Amber Seal


  1. Lisa Bunszel 6 years ago

    Hi! How many coats of Amberseal did you use?

    • James Alexander 6 years ago

      Hi Lisa,

      Only one coat was applied.

      • Michael 4 years ago

        With oil finish?

        • James Alexander 4 years ago

          This was top-coated with waterbased finish.

          • Michael 4 years ago

            Thank you. The floors are rather wet so I’m assuming this was just after application? If so would love to see dried finish. Using this seal on my red oak next week.

          • James Alexander 4 years ago

            You are right. The finish was still wet when these photos were taken. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other photos showing it dry.

          • alex 1 year ago

            after dry should be darker than the pic? from the pic it looks very light color, very clear but amber should be the most deep tone.