Minwax Golden Oak Wood Stain on Red Oak

We were called for a floor refinishing in Denver. The floors weren’t in terrible shade, but had some considerable dark wear areas. Minwax Golden Oak stain was specked out to match stair treads which were not going to be refinished at this time. Project itself was simple and uneventful. And here are the pictures we took that showcase color of Minwax Golden Oak wood stain on red oak, which is almost identical to Duraseal Golden Oak stain.

Interesting Fact about Minwax Golden Oak

This particular stain is dye-based. You can tell because if it is left to sit for few weeks, there is no color pigment sediment at the bottom of a can. It is important to be aware of, as dye stains fade quicker when exposed to light.

Golden Oak Color Thoughts

Due to popularity of oil-based finish in the last century. This is the most ubiquitous color in the country. And it’s for a reason. It lends wood a warm, comfortable look. However it lost it’s popularity in the last 20 years or so, with people going towards natural or gray tones.

Many homes still golden oak baseboard trim, door casing and kitchen cabinets. That’s why it’s not always easy to change color of the floors dramatically. One thing leads to another. For example cool toned gray floors or walls will inevitably clash with warm golden oak trim. One solution would be repaint trim in white. If repainting trim or cabinets is not an option at the time, it might be best to stick with warm colors for the floors such as Golden Oak portrayed here, or a natural stain for a more modern lighter look.

You can see other stain colors in a Duraseal Stain Chart.


  1. Brenda 1 year ago

    I am looking for Minwax Golden Oak stain without the polyurethane added to it, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any ideas where I would find it in just a stain ?
    I’m in Canada so if a larger chain store carries it then I should be able to get it here.

    • James Alexander 1 year ago

      Hi Brenda,

      We are not familiar with the Canadian market, unfortunately.